Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Bazillions On Kickstarter

I just wanted to take a moment to spotlight a worthy Kickstarter effort. The Bazillions play kid-friendly rock music, and they are fronted by the principles of the powerpoptastic Humbugs. If you have small music lovers in your home you should definitely check them out.

Any who.... the Bazillions are looking to produce a collection of their terrific music videos. If it sounds intriguing, please go on over and check it out.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Thing Is....

You may have noticed my sometimes sporadic posting has become something more akin to non-existent posting this summer. Well, the truth is I've been having some health issues that have lingered.... and lingered... and finally resulted in my collapsing at home in spasms of pain and agony.


Well, the good news is that during my last trip to the ER they finally found out what was causing the trouble. Ironically, it was the same thing they initially diagnosed me with back in early July before they did further tests and ruled it out. That ironic thing was my gallbladder, which I am happy to say is no longer attached to me because, frankly, I think the sonofabitch was trying to kill me.

I am only two days out from my surgeries (yes, there had to be two of them to fix me), and I am recovering nicely.... which is great because I have plenty more to say and loads more great music I want to share on the radio station.

Very soon I'll feel up to doing both in measurable quantities.  

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