Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Really Thought I'd Sail Right Through This...

...but I must confess the official end of The Pure Pop Pub radio station hurts.

I keep telling myself, "C'mon Rich, it was just a damn hobby... and one you didn't always follow with the greatest of enthusiasm."

That is true..... but it was always there. For almost eight years I could plug myself into this little niche corner of the musical world and get lost for a bit. I could be a devotee... and there is precious little in this world worthy of being a devotee of in my book. There certainly isn't one that cover so many bases, so many of my own personal primordial pushbuttons, as did this silly little radio station.

This isn't rolling off my back. Color me surprised.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

It's Official, It Is An Ex-Radio Station

I've looked at the other "alternatives" to continue my online radio hobby and, simply put, none of them are affordable for me. This means that Jan. 31st will be the last day for The Pure Pop Pub as a streaming station. I'm pretty sure this means the name will only be in existence for this blog. (I'm not certain what this might mean for the "Let's Go Pop!" podcast, but that too might have to die a horrible death. We shall see.)

Nothing but bad news I'm afraid. If you will excuse me I need to go downstairs and crank Jellyfish's "Brighter Day" at ear splitting volumes.

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