Monday, January 10, 2011

Review: Farrah s/t

Over the past month or so members of the Audities mailing list have been posting lists of their favorites of 2010. In general there has not been a lot in the way of overlap on those lists. This is heartening in a sense. The world of power pop/indie pop is still large enough to offer plenty in the way of new experiences and yet to be explored sounds. As far as I'm concerned, that is quite cool.

I did notice, however, that one album many lists had in common: Farrah's self titled 2010 release seem to strike a chord. That was enough for me and a bit of my hard earned (or ill gotten) cash was exchanged for a copy sound unheard.

Good thing too.

This album is a bright shiny contraption. It is so clean and new sounding it ought to come with the CD equivalent of "new car smell." The core of the album are the bouncy piano numbers ("Swings & Roundabout" and "If You Were Mine") which manage to sound like updated ELO, Jellyfish, Pugwash and Farrah all at once. Guitars definitely take a bit of a back seat here, though numbers such as "Missed The Boat" and "Just Driving" have a straightforward approach which is welcome change amongst the more adventurous musical constructions.

Of the other tracks the standouts include the Fountains of Wayne-ish "Scarborough," the pretty "Abby's Going Out," and the almost perfect "Stereotypes," which I simply wish didn't peter out the way it does.

In all Farrah can be recommended to anyone interested in a unabashed pop album full of bright melodies, crisp playing, and inventiveness. A couple of tracks are more unoffensive than memorable ("Wasting Time" "Above The Covers"), but that is hardly the worst thing to say about an album these days.

Grade: B+

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