Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review: Matthew Pop - Reinventing The Cosmos

With a name like Matthew Pop and sporting an album cover more than a little reminiscent of an album entitled 100% Fun, it is difficult to not expect a Matthew Sweet style power pop assault from this fourth effort by Mr. Pop.

That's not exactly what one gets, however. There is little of Sweet's, well, sweetness here. The sound reminds one more of Frank Barajas or, especially, Jason Falkner. "Without You" is a sonic treat with a odd and engaging song structure. "Everytime You Say Goodbye" is the best up-tempo track on the album and almost overburdened with hooks. "Take Me Home" is a first class rocker. "Carolina Crush" is a great mid-tempo offering in a Del Amitri vein.

The album doesn't sustain its strong beginning completely. "Juggernaut" doesn't live up to its title, and "The Younger Kind" tries to make an interesting use of auto-tune...well, I'll give him credit for trying.

"Headstones and Rocketships" gets things going back in the right direction, and the rest of the album follows in good form, even if it never quite matches the album's beginning. Still, this is a good album which never overstays its welcome.

Grade: B/B+

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