Friday, November 9, 2012

Review: Bill Lloyd - Boy King Of Tokyo

"Hello old friend."

It's nearly impossible not to think that phrase whenever I experience the good fortune of slipping a new Bill Lloyd disc into my player. Oh, I never know exactly where Mr. Lloyd will be taking me, but I know with a songwriter like this the ride will be smooth.

Boy King Of Tokyo feels a little less like an album, and a little more like a big collection of toys Lloyd has decided to pull out and play with... and I mean that in more ways than one. The title track is really a mini (or kiddie) rock opera of royalty, complete with tearful abdication... well, at least a relocation. "Com-trol" is a painful morality tale that encourages us to laugh because the only other option is to weep, and who wants to do that?

"Home Jeeves" is a nice slice of roots rock goodness that would sound right at home on a Terry Anderson album. "Indubitably" is one of those perfect 2 minute pop gems Lloyd can make sound effortless. And, just to show he has access to better toys than you and I, Lloyd tosses off two classy instrumentals using vintage guitars from Doc Watson and Chet Akins.

However, Bill Lloyd is no braggart. As the cool track "The Best Record Ever Made" makes clear, he is in many ways as much a fan of the music we all love as we are. He just happens to be able to make that music as well.

Lucky us.

Grade: B+/A-


  1. Rich,
    I agree with you on the Cliff Hillis and Bill Lloyd discs, both are fantastic. I especially love the "Dream Good" one of the best albums of the year! I need to check out that JAC record.

    Can't wait to read more of your reviews. Keep it up!


  2. Thanks for the kind words Matt!

    I've got a stack of discs that have been piling up, and I'm gonna try to get reviews up for all my top discs of the year. So the reviews should be a lot more regular.

    Hopefully this is not a "best laid plans" moment....



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