Thursday, March 20, 2014

Review: The Nines - The Nines

Sometimes you long for something sumptuous; a splendid '66 Margaux, a nicely aged porterhouse, fine Corinthian leather, vintage 80's porn. You know... the classics.

In the same vein is a pop album like this eponymously titled effort from The Nines led by tune smith Steve Eggers. The jumping off point here sound wise, as it always seems to be with Eggers, is solo Macca and XTC with hints of the likes of ELO, Pugwash and early Elton John thrown in for good measure.

Indeed, the XTC influence jumps out of the headphones on the slightly languid "No More Time" and the stunning "The Virtuous Man," which lyrically brings Ray Davies to mind. Macca is brought by the back-to-back duo of "Don't Worry Misery" and the lovely "Seasons" which sounds a little like an outtake from Ram.

Uptempo numbers are not neglected, with the album starter, "Backseats," "Jack McGee," and, especially, the terrific "Change on the Main Street" standing out among the tracks.

It is a shame that power pop merits so little commercial support these days as a number of Egger's songs seem to be suited to a greater level of production then they are given here. Even so this album always pleases, though I suspect given enough studio time and money The Nines could produce an album that would blow your doors off.

Grade: B+

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