Friday, March 25, 2011

Cotton Mather - Kontiki

Great news emerging about one of the best records of the 1990's and one of the best power pop albums ever:

In 1997 my band Cotton Mather recorded our second record, Kontiki, on 4 track cassette and ADAT in an old house about 30 minutes outside of Austin. It was released in the US without much fanfare on a little label called Copper. But when the record made its way to the UK a year later on the Rainbow Quartz label Kontiki was quite the hit with the press and music fans.

Now Kontiki, the "lost classic" has been out of print for years. I (Robert Harrison) have been busy readying a re-release of Kontiki which will include an entire second disc of bonus tracks. Not just a few out-takes but an entire discs worth of extras because when I dug back into the archives I found some real treasure...

The money we raise will pay for mixing an 11 track bonus CD (the first one will remain as it was), mastering, new artwork with extensive liner notes about the making of Kontiki and the history of Cotton Mather, manufacturing, publicity and and if we go past the target a good ways- a vinyl pressing.

Kontiki has been a staple on the Pub from day one so I am thrilled at the prospect of an expanded edition release. Follow the link over to Kickstarter to watch the amusing promotional video Robert Harrison and friends put together.

Who knows, you may find yourself hitting the pledge button.

To my mind that would be the best money you could spend today... (unless you are buying medicine for a sick child or something... but in regards to spending on music this would be tops.)


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