Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Ask Me Why"

My Beatles criticism project continued:

Whatever can be said about this Lennon & McCartney tune, it's not rock and roll. From its light almost latinesque rhythms and percussion to the "woo woo woo woo"s of its vocals, "Ask Me Why" is the very essence of "pop" music.

The verses begin with the boys singing "I Love you - woo woo woo woo" followed by Lennon alone singing "Cause you tell me things I want to know." This trading of vocals back and forth is prevalent throughout. When an almost stuttering Lennon ends the fist (and third) verse with the words "I,I,I,I should never, never, never be blue!" you can be forgiven if you think it's not the most compelling lyrics you've ever heard.

An abbreviated bridge follows the second verse, and the latin feel of the song is reinforced. You almost want to add a "cha cha cha" to the line "I can't conceive of any more [cha cha cha] misery." Actually, that might have added a needed bit of spice. As it is the line falls flat.

The chorus, if such it can called, is nearly anti-climatic. "Ask me why, I'll tell you I love you, and I'm always thinking of you." Nice sentiments maybe, but in the context of this song they couldn't sound less convincing.

As a piece of pop music "Ask Me Why" is forgettable filler.

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