Tuesday, October 4, 2011


My Beatles criticism project continued:

The rhythm section gets a workout in this Dixon/Farrell penned number. In terms of instrumentation it is Paul's bass and Ringo's drums that are most prominent. Ringo takes his turn at lead vocals, and Paul's voice is the most prominent among the backing vocals. George has a solo, but for the most part the guitarists are just along for the ride.

This fast rocker gets started with a quick "rat-tat-tat" from the drums. A thumping bass line and restrained commentary from lead guitar lead into the vocals. Ringo's vocal range is limited (to say the least) but "Boys" is well suited to it. Each line in the verse is punctuated not only by Paul's bass but by the backing vocals chiming in with welcome "bop-shoo-op"s in a classic rock'n'roll style.

The chorus has a call/answer feel as Ringo's "Well, I talk about boys" generates a backing vocal response of "Yeah Yeah Boys!" Throughout the song the backing vocals, with the help of an occasional shout or scream, add to the feel of a good time gone great.

George's solo is a neat little package, much akin to his solo on "I Saw Her Standing There" but with a greater blues feel. Or is that rockabilly? At the speed that "Boys" is played it all comes to one in the end.

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