Thursday, December 31, 2015

All Things Must Pass... Dammit All To Hell

I've updated this elsewhere but I should make it official here. The Pure Pop Pub radio station will soon cease to be. I received an email yesterday that the Live365 platform is most likely going under for good within the next month or so. The rules for royalties are changing and the upshot is small niche broadcasters like myself will no longer have a way to continue, and as we made up a large part of the Live365 business model they are being squeezed out as well. I could, if I wanted, spend upwards of $1000 a year to continue to broadcast but, yeah, that ain't gonna happen. I like all my listeners very much but I do not have that kind of money to throw into what is essentially a hobby.

The Pure Pop Pub ran for over 7 years and in that time I have had countless interactions with listeners and artists that have made the whole experience incredibly rewarding, even if I was paying for the privilege. I am most saddened by the fact that yet another outlet for indie artists to get their music known is being silenced. Something may rise in the future to take its place but from the looks of things it may be awhile in coming.

I will do my bit here on the Pure Pop Pub blog where I will continue my vain effort to dance about architecture. The "Let's Go Pop!" podcast may or may not continue. I have not heard from my podcast platform but the new rules may also bring about the end of most music podcasts as well. A wait and see approach will have to be adopted.

It is quite a somber note to end 2015 on. Let's hope 2016 brings us all more cool sounds.

Allow me to wish you all a very happy New Year.


Rich Horton

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